Stand-up comedian with ADHD

Posted on: December 31, 2011

The following video is a stand-up comedy routine by Jeff Allen. Jeff has ADHD, as do two of his children.
When I first came across this video on YouTube, I braced myself for yet another comic routine that mocked or insulted people with ADHD, denied the existence of ADHD, or resorted to one of the standard cheesy jokes, such as “I have Attention Defic- oh, look, a bunny!” (Yeah, we’ve all heard that one a million times before.)
Instead, I was pleasantly suprised to discover that Jeff Allen was not only able to make the audience (and me!) laugh out loud, but he was also able to resonate with anyone who has ADHD or is a parent of someone with ADHD.
In addition to making us laugh, Jeff Allen also gives us inspiration and hope. Jeff, who struggled in school and was bullied by his teachers due to his inability to focus and stay still, has been able to channel his energy and hyperactivity into a career. The same behaviors that got him into trouble in school have made him into a successful comedian.
They say laughter is the best medicine, and while I’m still going to take my Ritalin, I’ve found that being able to laugh and joke about my ADHD has helped me to view it in a more positive light. Enjoy.


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