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In light of the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, I find it necessary to address the fact that there is a character named “Darren Wilson” in my book, Distracted Girl. I assure all of my readers that this character’s name is purely coincidental. Distracted Girl was published in October 2013, long before Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown and subsequently became a name in the national news. Prior to Michael Brown’s death, I had never heard of either the town of Ferguson or of Officer Wilson.

The character I named “Darren Wilson” is based on a real individual with whom I graduated college. His real name is not Darren Wilson. As I stated in the introduction to Distracted Girl, I used fictitious names for all of the characters with the exception of me and my immediate family. I chose the name “Darren” when a newspaper article about an actor named Darren caught my eye, and I chose the last name “Wilson” because I thought it sounded good with Darren.

At the present time, it may not be possible for me to change the name of the character for copyright reasons. Even if I legally can do so, the name “Darren Wilson” will still remain in copies of the book that have already been published. I deeply regret any discomfort that may occur as a result of my use of the name “Darren Wilson.”

Please know that I stand in solidarity with all victims of violence



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